Dealing with the volume, velocity and variety of IT big data and analyzing this to gain insight and detect potential problems is the major challenge facing enterprises today. With such a vast volume of data available, a lack of control, visibility and security is inevitable, and this is what organisations need to overcome if they are to harness the massive benefits big data can provide.

Valuable log and IT data is continuously generated from hundreds of sources such as network devices, security devices, servers, applications, databases, end-point devices and more. If businesses are to stay a step ahead of the competition, they clearly require deep insight, in order to answer critical business questions. The headache for IT and security professionals is finding the balance between delivering effective security for big data and successfully harnessing its power. TIBCO LogLogic solves this lack of control,visibility and security.


DynaTech offers TIBCO Log Logic to its clients as one of the only scalable log and security intelligence platforms in the industry for enterprise and cloud infrastructures. TIBCO’s solution is already in use with more than 1 400 major global enterprises, sustaining their compliance, security and information asset protection initiatives.

TIBCO Log Logic technologies allow enterprises to collect all their IT data at some of the fastest rates in the industry from all devices – not just security devices – systems and applications that enable the business to function. It allows for the storage of terabytes of IT data in an easy and inexpensive manner, by leveraging extreme scalability and granular data retention management. One can also quickly and easily search, report and alert on vast amounts of archived and real-time big data.

In effect, TIBCO LogLogic puts real big data value in the hands of those who can most use it to benefit the organisation – the analysts. Using big data effectively, analysts can thus build knowledge thanks to additional operational and business context and visibility into the entire infrastructure.

Analysts can also combine device, system and application data to bring business operational views to IT staff, as well as identifying business inefficiencies through viewing the end-to-end processing of business transactions. More critically, they can successfully use big data to identify and implement new opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to see and act on, thereby adding additional value to the business. DynaTech can deliver the award-winning Log Logic family of products to clients, providing them with a comprehensive and scalable log and security intelligence platform that provides deep insight into IT infrastructure and provides actionable intelligence, leading directly to greater compliance, better security and improved operational performance.