Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) 

ITIL is the worldwide de-facto-standard for the delivery of computer based services, defining accepted best practice in Application Management. DynaTech differentiates itself by being both a practitioner of ITIL in terms of its application development and service delivery to clients, as well as offering ITIL consulting services, thereby enabling its clients to become compliant as well.

ITIL Practitioners:


DynaTech adheres to the ITIL framework to manage applications through Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation and Continual Service Improvement. Through exploitation of ITIL processes, DynaTech is able to manage the technicalities of application design, build, test and implementation, all whilst presenting the client with a single point of contact for all queries.

Clients are thus able to benefit in multiple ways from this policy. Thanks to a strategic consultancy approach, clients gain access to DynaTech’s knowledge of the latest technical
trends, service innovations and systems’ integration. The company is thus able to assist clients in specifying innovative designs that provide them with a competitive edge, creating a pathway for ongoing enhancement.

Through simple yet effective Change Management processes, DynaTech facilitates shifting requirements, both during the system build and with regards to enhancements thereafter. This increases the clients’ overall agility. Furthermore, through adherence to Service Stability ITIL processes, DynaTech is able to ensure its clients enjoy a stable, pro-actively managed service.

As the client’s business grows and evolves, priorities shift, making scalability yet another critical aspect. DynaTech is able to support these changing needs through a range of disciplines, including: Capacity Planning; Strategy Planning; and Change Management. All of these follow established ITIL processes and the requirements are met in an orderly, agile and secure fashion. Finally, by ensuring the client has agile systems that readily accommodate changing business demands and new innovations, DynaTech allows them to stay focused on core business goals, thereby maintaining their competitive edge and increasing the company’s profitability.

ITIL Consultancy

DynaTech also provides ITIL consultancy, with the company customising process maps and guiding implementation for those clients that wish to either implement or improve the ITIL processes within their own business. For the former, DynaTech is also able to utilise Tibco Nimbus to provide these clients with templates they can utilise to eliminate between sixty and seventy percent of the initial work required. In other words, there is no reinventing the wheel, as DynaTech makes the implementation of ITIL processes far less complicated for clients.

DynaTech consultants, accredited with Expert Certification in ITIL v3, have already achieved much success for clients where adherence to the ITIL framework is of strategic importance.

It is thus clear that both as practitioners and consultants, DynaTech has the experience and knowledge for the effective implementation of ITIL processes to surpass their clients’ requirements.