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Integrated Service Management

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Integrated Service Management (iSM) system is a highly innovative platform for enhancing service delivery.

iSM enables organizations to abstract Core Service Processes from the underlying technology.This ensures service delivery activities become central.

Management gains un-parallel operational visibility & control over key business activities.

The modular approach enables fast adoption for rapid results. Powered by the World leading integration technology, this platform enables real-time integration across all departments & systems within your organization.

The system is designed around optimizing performance for service intensive organizations.



Achieve increased service excellence and Flexibility

Our multi-channel service delivery approach allows your organisation to provide the best all-round user experience across multiple communication channels or touch points. It allows users to move seamlessly and in real-time from one communication channel to another, helping users meet their information needs and complete transactions.


Service delivery transactions that integrate processes and communication across channels can help your organisation maximize user satisfaction, optimize your operations, and obtain better results.

Our team provides expertise and support for all channels, including Mobile devices, SMS, Email, Portal, Field Workforce, Social Networking and Mail.

Integrated Service Management (iSM) is a flexible, service based technology platform to help public agencies-from Local, District to National departments manage a wide array of citizen services in an integrated way, reducing technology and management costs while simultaneously improve service delivery.

The aim of multi-channel customer service is to provide customers with options for how they would like to communicate with you if they have a query or a complaint to make.




iSM Provides A Highly Effective Approach For Achieving Customer Service Excellence


 Intuitive User Experience2
  Intuitive web portal - provides actionable,user friendly                  reports
 •  Provides simple consistent user experience
 •  Information is readily  available to all users
 •  Intuitive  access to information to better pinpoint problems


GIS and Maps Integration2


•  The GIS enables map-based views
•  Helps organisations  manage large volume of information              for better decision making
•  Allows for data analysis functionality to become possible
•  Allows users to understand what is happening in geographic        space




 Real-Time Management Dash Board2



 •  Allows for management to share info more easily and             quickly
 •  Study a number of cases solved successfully as well as              cases unresolved
 •  Graphical presentation of current status as well as                     historical trends if an organisation key performance               indicators
 •  Visual presentation of performance measures
 •  Ability to make more informed decisions based on                   collective business intelligence
 •  Saves time compared to running multiple reports


Self Service2



 • Empower customers through a 24/7 self service  portal mobile      applications
 • Offers a multi-channel support
 • Social networks  Twitter and Facebook
 • Call Centre
 • SMS
 • Phone calls
 • Emails
 • Customer Self service and post








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