Enterprise Content Management

There is little doubt that content remains king in the enterprise. However, the types of content and the places that content needs to travel to enable business processes have changed dramatically. This is due mainly to the explosion of mobile and cloud technologies and the fact that supply chains now extend across the firewall, across organisations and even across continents.


The goals of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) are reasonably simple:

• Automate formerly paper-based processes

• Improve operational efficiency via automation and version control

• Ensure consistency and integrity of outbound content and communication

• Enable data integrity, records management and compliance

• Maintain control of company intellectual property (IP)

• Collaborate securely with colleagues, to gain more organisational productivity

However, if the modern enterprise cannot be defined by a firewall, then a modern approach to ECM must not be bound by the limits of an IT infrastructure. Content, business processes and collaboration must be free to travel anywhere it needs to, to get the job done efficiently, but in a manner where it can still be harnessed and controlled to meet the productivity, efficiency, security and compliance needs of the enterprise.

A modern ECM solution needs to contemplate both the traditional ECM use cases like document management, records management, workflow and collaboration, and the new, cloud and mobile use cases like simple file sharing, mobile content access and sync. And it needs to keep everything and everyone secure, no matter where uses or content resides.

Alfresco is the standard-bearer of a new era of ECM, as it has all of the core technology to deliver a true hybrid ECM solution that allows document management, collaboration and workflow to cross the firewall and service the entire extended enterprise. It allows you to deliver a scalable content-as-a-service to your enterprise, on your terms. This complete enterprise solution is called Alfresco One.

Alfresco One is the first ECM solution in the world to provide all of the capabilities that today’s enterprise requires to support and manage the entire lifecycle of enterprise content -on any mobile device, inside or outside the firewall, and to both internal and external users.

As an Alfresco Gold Partner, DynaTech is thus ideally placed to provide its clients with the perfect solution to their ECM needs-one which lowers risk, increases compliance, delivers open standards, improves business processes, and delivers not only cost efficiencies, but also agility and flexibility.