Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)


 Achieve Drastic Process Improvements in Service Quality, Cost And Speed

BPR is all about the analysis and design of workflows and processes within an organisation. It is the key to transforming how people work and is a way of reconciling the two main foundations of an organisation, namely people and processes. Creating proficient processes inevitably motivates people, thereby increasing organisational performance.

BPR is a business strategy centred on rethinking and restructuring business processes to achieve drastic improvements in service, quality, cost and speed. This has the ultimate goal of enabling organisations to evolve making them become more modern and efficient.

There are four measures of performance for effective BPR, and all four are areas in which DynaTech is suitably proficient. The first is ‘Service’, whereby effective BPR gears an organisation towards offering second-to-none customer service, resulting in standardised and consistent delivery. This enables the business to succeed, irrespective of the economic climate or latest technology trends.

The second is ‘Quality’, in which BPR ensures that processes are simplified, streamlined and optimised. This results in increased effectiveness of activities and processes. Further, standardisation of procedures provides added benefits to both the business and its customers. 

The third is ‘Cost’. Here, BPR aids in the process of reducing costs to increase an organisation’s profits, through the reduction of manual tasks and paperwork. Existing bottlenecks and non-value tasks are identified and removed, thereby improving efficiencies.

 Finally, there is ‘Speed’, whereby BPR is used to enhance how a business functions. Turnaround times, for example, are reduced by implementing features such as automatic scheduling of work, system-generated documents and electronic signatures. This decreases the time to deliver, which also has a positive impact on customer satisfaction.