The management of DynaTech takes great pride in being an employer of choice offering a rich and rewarding career path in an environment that is both conducive to self-motivation and team work.

We have earned a reputation for the creation of a productive and rewarding workplace for all our staff to reach their true potential. Unlike many employers we recognize and reward our deserving high flyers in a variety of different ways. The ethos of DynaTech is to create a competitive advantage which is rooted in encouraging creativity and rewarding successful ideas.

Our corporate culture is based on continuous improvement. Staff is encouraged to consistently seek new and innovative methods of improving on existing methods while high operational ethics ensures quality output, compliance and accountability.

DynaTech’s head office boasts a state of the art training facility that is fully equipped with modern high performance hardware offering a perfect learning environment for both in-house training and instructor led tuition provided by our training partners. This is consistent with our vision and commitment of uncompromised investment in our people.

DynaTech offers a range of exciting and challenging careers including:

• Networking
• Server Technology
• Software Development
• Project Management
• Business Consulting
• Business Process Management
• Business Intelligence
• Identity Management

At DynaTech we offer the best of two worlds; the comforts and benefits that are inherent in the corporate world combined with the flexibilities and atmosphere of a young and vibrant enterprise. Be part of the ICT Revolution.