Delivered via an “Intelligent Business Operations Manual”,TIBCO Nimbus provides a platform for Continuous Improvement, Operational Excellence, Change Management, Training, & Governance. As a result, our clients become More Agile and Better Equipped to Manage all kinds of  Change and Sustained Business Improvement  become reality

Business and IT tend to speak different languages and utilise very different tools when it comes to process. The missing connection between these two is an intelligent operations manual, which allows the business to describe its needs in way that is meaningful, while it is also useful for IT to use as a basis for business requirements.

Intelligent Operations Management (IOM) uses this manual to provide a platform for process improvement, organisational transformation or systems-implementation efforts, enabling users to engage in process collaboration in real time. IOM is a user-defined experience, delivering content that is meaningful to the people who need it most, thereby making work faster, easier and more valuable for everyone.

IOM allows for process discovery, where a user-friendly interface provides a complete, robust picture without the constraints of artificial boundaries. It enables crowd sourcing, meaning employees can collaborate with subject matter experts in the same room or around the globe, using a platform that updates real-time and is designed for consensus-building.

It is also geography agnostic, meaning the business can communicate vital operational references to all of its people wherever they are, with delivery across the Web or via mobile devices and served either on premise or in the cloud. IOM also ensures complete control, providing management with a granular, time-tested governance engine that delivers the right information into the hands of the right people, at the right time and in the right context.

DynaTech delivers IOM through its use of TIBCO Nimbus, a process management platform that allows you to capture and deploy your business processes in a format and language that is easily understood by all your employees. The result: reduced inefficiency and risk and improved compliance.

Delivered via the Web through a role-based, personalised portal, the intelligent operations manual makes it easy for all of your staff to:

- Quickly find and understand the processes relevant to their role

- Know when changes to process or systems affect them

- See key performance metrics in the context of process

- Discuss and influence improvements

- Access process tutorials (storyboards) with step-by-step instructions

Operational excellence doesn’t come about by simply designing a perfect theoretical model for how the organisation is supposed to operate. Real success only occurs when this is deployed to employees at every level, in a way in which they will understand and adopt as normal working practice. This is exactly what TIBCO Nimbus does.