Dynatech Offers Asset Intensive Organisations Superior EAM Solutions by Providing the Very Best Technology And Tools To Support Their Business Processes. Our Enterprise Asset Management Solutions Provide a Full, Clear View Of An Organisation’s Asset Infrastructure And The Workforce Maintaining It. Powered by Proven Technology and Staffed By Industry Experts, DynaTech Is Able To Assist Organisations Increase Asset Useful Life Whilst Reducing Associated Maintenance Costs.    

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) involves managing of the assets of an organisation across all of its business units, facilities and even its geographical locations.  EAM is effectively about holistic control and optimisation across the entire life cycle of the asset,from design, through commissioning and operations, to disposal.

DynaTech’s EAM solution is Ventyx Ellipse, which provides complete visibility and management of enterprise-wide assets to organisations in essential industries. Ventyx Ellipse’s functional streams are delivered on a services-oriented architecture (SOA) and are complemented by business analytics, advanced maintenance and planning and mobile workforce solutions. Its fully-integrated, yet modular, applications offer broad functionality that encompasses:

 -Asset & Work Management

- Intelligent Workforce Deployment

-  Financial Management

- Supply Chain Management

The solution is designed to enable asset intensive organisations to respond faster and make better decisions that directly impact the bottom line.  This can be achieved by increasing asset utilisation, reducing operating costs, delivering quality products and services, meeting regulatory standards for audit compliance, ensuring supply chain availability and visibility, allocating skilled resources appropriately, mitigating risk and improving productivity.

All of the above benefits are possible, because Ventyx Ellipse provides detailed operating and production statistics, allows for analysis of equipment history and costs, enables support for mobile workforces, ensures integration to Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) tools, condition monitoring, and SCADA systems, permits planned resource and maintenance scheduling, supports talent and training management, including all facets of the recruitment process and facilitates management of the Health, Safety, Social Responsibility and Environment (HSSE) contract administration, including SLAs and supplier performance.

From an EAM perspective, Ventyx Ellipse is the ideal tool, as it enhances asset performance across all areas of the core business, including asset and work management, human resources, financial management and supply chain and logistics.